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2019 Lamborghini Avendator Redesign Concept

2019 Lamborghini Avendator Redesign Concept

Lamborghini Avendator: 2019`s update

Now this model was upgraded to S specs. Lamborghini brand comes from Italy. This company is known fro the production of the luxurious sport cars. The company is owned by its subsidiary Audi.

What do we know so far?

The carbon fiber will be the main material for the most parts. Moreover, we will get:

  1. Resharped front and back parts.
  2. A redesigned diffuser.
  3. A large rear wing.

In front of the car there will not be much differences. But now the bumper will be wrapped in a thin camouflage. Each corner will be paired by an additional tape. The Lamborghini company is preparing to create a more comprehensive aerodynamic package.

There are almost no clues for what is inside the new model. But we can say that all the benefits from the previous cars will be present in this one. The new model will probably have the next features:

  • A 765 horsepower.
  • A 530 pound-feet of torque. This is close to the feature of Huracan.
  • The new car also will have an extra added 35 of horsepower and 21 pound-feet of torque.

The vehicle will use the refined version of the V-12 engine. It will have a weight-saving feature. The car`s curb weight will be reduced by 100 pounds. It is expected to hit 60 mph mark in just 2,7 seconds. It is two seconds quicker than the last standard models.

The information about the price still remains unknown. The new Avendator will have one of the highest prices amongst its class, without doubts. The Avendator`s S price now starts with 421 thousand dollars. The new model could cost around 480 thousand, depending on the functions inside for each buyer individually.

We will have to wait for some more display and announcements. For now, this car already interests many buyers, the Lamborghini company always had its fans. Even the high prices never stopped someone who really wanted to get the latest sports model.

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