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2019 Lamborghini Centenario Engine Price in USA

2019 Lamborghini Centenario Engine Price in USA

Lamborghini Centenario: New model`s features

The Centenario cars can`t be marked with high production. The buyers each year will only have at about 20 varieties. And the price for these cars is pretty high – it starts only with 1,9 million dollars. But still, even this brand has its fans.

Updated version`s info

The Lamborghini company saw that the model need some renovation. Not only in the sense of technical possibilities, but in the numbers also.

The other companies make much less modification and one0offs, even in the same car-class. Some can even say that Lamborghini`s characteristics became commonly used. And they can say that some of the decisions can be viewed pretty often on the market. Well, the Centenario cars became really exclusive and unique. The latest addition will not become an exception.

This car is designed to celebrate the brand`s 100 anniversary. In comparison with Avendator LP750-4, it will surely be faster and lighter. There will be some technological innovation also. It will migrate to selection-manufacturer automobiles.

The new model will be one of the few updates exactly for the year 2019. It will potentially have V12 engine, with the latest materials inside. This engine has become one of the most powerful creations of the company.

The body will probably consist of co2 fiber material. It was the decision practically for all models from this company. The efficient performance will be main goal. The backend wing will probably be enlarged. It can guarantee sufficient downward pressure. It will be perfectly built into the overall body.

The car`s price is already no less than 1,9 million dollars. It is one of the most expensive models on the market. But for that price we will get really good quality. We just have to wait for getting more information on the specifications. The company will surely make some announcements for them in the near future.

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