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2019 Lamborghini Huracan Sport Car Pictures

2019 Lamborghini Huracan Sport Car Pictures

Lamborghini Huracan: 2019`s car

This car`s fashion will include several details at once:

  1. A lot more aggressive scenario overall.
  2. Much more bright area dresses
  3. Sharper signals.

What other characteristics can it have?

The Huracan car is made so that it can stand up away from other coupe models in the same class. The standard design will be liked by those that are only beginning to like these cars. The company is making an improved engine project for this model. So the buyers can expect really high performance.

The new Lamborghini Huracan will basically be the same as the standard coupe of the same series. There will be a great fender with beg air vents, and also two splitters added. The area clothes will be enhanced. The wheels will surely have less weight than always. The diffuser is as same as always, almost without any serious changes. The wing upon the decklid is also one of the main elements.

Inside the new sport car will also correspond to its sibling coupe existing on the market now. The chairs will be made of black Alcantara all over the place. There also will be carbon fiber elements. Around the premises console the buyers will be able to find two extra changes. The driver and passenger can now lessen the back residence windows, and also to open the delicate top window.

Now the Huracan cars are getting 5,2 liter V10 engine. It is a pretty god variant even for the sports car. The outcome consists of 631 horsepower. There is also a 443 lb-feet of torque. The driver will be able to travel fast almost without any restrictions.

The base price for Huracan now is about 274 thousand dollars. That`s why the new model will cost no less than 300 thousand, with some other optional additions. There will surely be several options, from which we can choose any variant. We need to wait a little bit more to know exactly the future model`s characteristics.

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